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Atlanta Car Accidents Because of the Solar Eclipse

By Evan L. Kaine

Atlanta Car Accidents Because of the Solar Eclipse

Unless you have been hiding under a rock or avoiding the news altogether, you’ve most likely heard the hype centered on the upcoming solar eclipse. If you are like us, we are excited to witness history, as the eclipse here in Georgia will reach 90% totality; while some parts see 100%. While you may think we are crazy for mentioning this, but safety should be of concern.

Risk of Car Accidents on August 21, 2017

On Monday, August 21, 2017, the city of Atlanta is expected to witness the eclipse around 2:00 p.m. EST. We all know that Atlanta traffic never really slows down so the odds of drivers looking out their windows while driving are bound to happen. It will be hard to refrain from watching this spectacular cosmic phenomenon; it is crucial to do so if you are not behind the wheel.

But why the distraction?


A solar eclipse occurs when the earth, sun and moon align. The moon’s orbit will move it in front of the sun, resulting in a shadow over the earth; creating darkness. The greatest concern is when the moon travels in front of the sun – creating a beautiful image – one that will challenge drivers from looking above rather than forward on the road. Many experts anticipate massive traffic jams on highways over which the path of the eclipse is taking; one of them being Atlanta, Georgia. As a result of these traffic jams, a number of experts say the likelihood of car accidents will also rise.

Solar Eclipse Causes Car Accident

Believe it or not, natural phenomenons, like an eclipse or a rainbow, can result in harmful consequences. If a driver takes their eyes off the road for only a split second, it can result in a car accident or even causing a pedestrian accident. As we anticipate this cosmic wonder, we ask that you exercise caution. Please watch the eclipse off of the road, and that doesn’t mean the side of the road. We hope you enjoy the viewing, but also do so in a safe manner.

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Published August 18, 2017


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