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Atlanta Traffic Ranks Among the Worst in the Country

By Evan L. Kaine

Metro Atlanta traffic never ceases to amaze the daily commuters who brave the interchanges, road construction and traffic jams. Whether it’s the morning commute or the grueling rush-hour drive home, Atlanta ranks as a city with one of the busiest employee commutes in the country.

A new study reveals that nearly 4% of metro Atlanta commuters travel 90 or more minutes to work each day. That places Atlanta as the 9th worst among the country’s largest metropolitan areas, according to the U.S. Census. To put things into perspective, there are nearly 4 million workers (2.8% of commuters) who travel 1.5 hours or more to work.

Why is Atlanta Traffic SO Bad?

According to the study, the “super commuters” (as they call them) are due to the rise of housing prices in expensive cities. Another major problem is the lack of investment going into public transportation (e.g., MARTA) – a continued problem / discussion happening in Atlanta. Even more shocking is the number of super commuters who would be more likely to rely on public transportation than those with a shorter commute – however, the lack of public transportation in the Atlanta area to major suburbs makes this hard to achieve.

Let’s be honest, that long commute is not only taxing, it’s unhealthy. A study published by Time magazine released the top 10 things that a long commute does to one’s health:

  1. Blood Sugar Rises
  2. Your Cholesterol is Higher
  3. Your Depression Risk Rises
  4. Anxiety Increases
  5. Life Satisfaction and Happiness Decrease
  6. Your Blood Pressure Temporarily Spikes
  7. Blood Pressure Rises Over Time
  8. Cardiovascular Fitness Drops
  9. Sleep Duffers
  10. Back and Neck Aches

Atlanta Car Accident Risks Increase

While sitting in traffic may be a requirement and not a choice, thinking about safety is a choice – and it’s an important one. Lengthy, daily commutes only increase your chances of being involved in a car accident.  The injuries you suffer from a car accident alone will make your blood pressure rise or back ache. If you are braving the Atlanta roads, please consider alternative routes, start your commute earlier or later (if possible) and never drive distracted.

Published July 19, 2018


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