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ATV Safety

By Evan L. Kaine

Although spring is right around the corner, the air is still crisp but will allow for the resurrection of evening fire pits, chili and the ability to enjoy the weather! Many of us can be found fishing, hiking or hunting, as the changing season seems to be perfect for all of these activities.  Whichever recreational activity you choose, many of our spring events include the usage of All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).

Although the Consumer Product Safety Commission continues to release warnings centered on the dangers of ATVs, the number of injuries or deaths have either remained constant or risen.  Nearly 75% of these injuries are traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and/or spinal cord injuries (SCI) from ATV accidents and failure to wear a helmet while operating them. Since 1992, the number of reported ATV injuries have nearly tripled and the injuries sustained among consumers continually reaches a younger audience.  In 2011, there were an estimated 107,500 ATV-related injuries treated in emergency rooms across the United States. 20% of these injuries were suffered by children under the age of 16 years.

Here in Georgia, the statistics from the 1980s to as recent as 2011 are tragic as well:

State ATV Deaths
Total Reported Deaths (1982-2011):
*Data collection for 2008-2011
is ongoing    327
Reported Deaths (1982-2007):    287
Reported Deaths (2008-2011):
*Data collection for 2008-2011
is ongoing    40
Reported Deaths (1982-2007):
Children under 16    99

Although Georgia has ATV laws, there is absolutely no regulation for the vehicle.  To learn more about the specific law, please click here.

While the information provided can be disheartening and tragic, what can we do as Georgians to educate and possibly prevent more injuries or fatalities due to ATVs? It’s simple! Visit the following website to enroll in an ATV Rider course. This course helps the driver understand the usage, dangers, emergency stopping techniques and local regulations.

Take action and be aware! Whether it is a spring morning or the dusk of a March night, be aware of ATV drivers—-and vice-versa. Please contact us at Kaine Law if you or someone you know has sustained injuries from an ATV accident. Kaine Law can be reached by calling 888-KAINE-LAW (888-524-6352) or online for more information.

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Published March 04, 2015


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