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Avoid a Drunk Driving Car Accident This July 4th

By Evan L. Kaine

The celebration of the Fourth of July is a holiday many of us anticipate and enjoy for many reasons. Our main streets will be filled with a sea of red, white and blue. Parades will be held and the squeals from children will be heard as they lunge toward the candy being thrown from floats. And as the day comes to a close, our eyes will be fixated on the thunderous booms of fireworks.

Like any holiday, the amount of travel increases. Whether it is the congestion on the interstate or the small town traffic jams, it is important to be extra cautious. The 4th of July, in particular, is one of the deadliest holidays due to the increase in drunk driving. According to Traffic Safety Marketing, 164 people were killed in 2014 from crashes involving at least one driver or motorcycle operator with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher. These deaths are fully preventable, and make-up 41% of the 397 people killed in car accidents over the 4th of July holiday.

This 4th of July (in particular) has police officers and emergency responders extremely concerned due to the way it falls on the calendar. Across the country, celebrations will be starting on Friday, July 1st and last through the late hours of Monday, July 4th. Because the 4th sees so many car accidents and fatalities from people driving under the influence (DUI), authorities are concerned that the statistics will only worsen.

Surrounding the 4th of July, 2014, 25% of drivers or motorcyclist involved in fatal car accidents had a BAC of 0.15 or higher.  Over half (58%) of the car accidents that killed young drivers (18-34 years old) surrounding July 4, 2014, involved alcohol impairment.

We encourage everyone to join the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign. This campaign stresses the importance of safety, especially this Fourth of July.  Law enforcement all over the country will be enforcing a zero tolerance policy for anyone who is driving impaired. Make a declaration to yourself and loved ones that driving under the influence (DUI) isn’t an option.

On behalf of Kaine Law, we wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July!!

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Published July 01, 2016


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