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Car Accidents at Intersections

By Evan L. Kaine

A car accident can happen anywhere, at any time.

Whether it’s an accident on an interstate, county highway, or no-name gravel road, the injuries from an accident can be life altering.  Of all of the places where car accidents occur, the most popular accident location seems to be car accidents at intersection.  According to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration, car accidents at intersections account for 40% of all traffic accidents.

Why are intersections such magnets for car accidents?

Because there are a lot of things simultaneously happening at intersections – cars are driving straight through intersections; cars are turning left or right at intersections; cars are stopped at traffic lights or traffic signs; pedestrians are crossing the street at intersections.  Because so much happens at intersections, it should come as no surprise that so many car accidents occur at intersections.

Investigating car accidents at intersections can be complex.  One driver may see a different point of view of the traffic accident compared to the other. It becomes a he said / she said battle because denying fault for the car accident clouds what “actually caused the car accident.” The challenge then becomes proving negligence so those individuals who are injured in car accidents at intersections can recover their damages.

What should you know about car accidents at intersections?

As drivers we know that it is our responsibility to be aware of other vehicles, pedestrians, motorcycles, bicyclists and road changes. However, when an accident occurs (like an accident at an intersection) drivers will often claim they did not see the pedestrian or other vehicle.

But what if that driver was busy checking a text message or answering a phone call? Unfortunately, just because someone is stopped at an intersection, doesn’t necessarily mean they are completely focused on the road. Therefore, with their focus elsewhere, the driver is distracted and becomes the negligent party.

Here are some examples of negligent driving that often cause car accidents:

  1. Making an unexpected U-turn;
  2. Incorrectly assuming what another driver’s actions will be;
  3. Speeding or changing lanes – making it dangerous for cars to turn;
  4. Failing to properly stop at an intersection;
  5. Failing to signal before turning or changing lanes;
  6. Failing to yield to other vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists; and
  7. Ignoring traffic lights or signs.

If you have been injured in an accident at an intersection, please call us today. We are dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured accident victims and helping you recover from injuries caused by negligent drivers.

Kaine Law is a personal injury law firm representing injured accident victims in Georgia.  With offices in Atlanta, Conyers, Lawrenceville and Stockbridge, Kaine Law’s personal injury attorneys specialize in representing injured motorcycle accident victims, injured car accident victims, injured dog bite victims and injured pedestrian accident victims.  Kaine Law represents their injured accident victim clients using a contingency fee agreement which provides that there are no legal fees unless we win.


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Published October 23, 2018


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