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Car Accidents Caused by Out of Control Vehicles

By Evan L. Kaine

With as much rain as we’ve had over the last few weeks, we have to worry about car accidents caused by hydroplaning, which can cause cars to spin out of control.

Two people were killed recently in a car accident caused by hydroplaning; something that can easily spin out of control. The driver of an SUV lost control of their vehicle hydroplaning across the center line and collided with another vehicle.  As a result of the car accident, people were killed in both vehicles.  Emergency responders say that it all happened because the driver of the SUV lost control of their vehicle because of the slippery pavement.

Hydroplaning Results in Car Accident

Many drivers may not even consider the dangers of hydroplaning.  Hydroplaning is defined as the moment that tires encounter more water than the tires can scatter. The water pressure in front of the tire pushes water under the tire, which then separates the tire from the surface of the road with a thin film of water.  The tires then lose traction. When this occurs, a vehicle can lose control of steering, braking and power control.

The most dangerous time to travel on a wet surface is during the first 10 minutes of a light rain. While rain alone can cause trouble, the mixture of water and oil residue, that typically coats roads’ surfaces, can cause drivers to lose control (especially if they are driving 35+ MPH). Everyone knows that fog, ice and snow can cause unsfae roadway conditions, but many drivers don’t pay close enough attention to slick conditions from rain.

How to Avoid Hydroplaning and Causing a Car Accident

Here are some of Safe Motorist’s suggestions for ways to avoid hydroplaning:

  • Proper tire inflation is key
  • General maintenance like rotating and/or replacing tires is important
  • Slow down when the roads are wet
  • Standing water and puddles can be extremely dangerous
  • Avoid driving in outer lanes as this location tends to have standing water
  • Try to drive in the tire tracks left by the tires from the vehicle in front of you
  • Never use cruise control
  • Shift to a low gear
  • Try to avoid braking hard
  • Avoid making sharp turns


The last thing that we want to see is someone suffer a personal injury, or even death, because of a hydroplaning car accident. It’s important for drivers to slow down, take their time and maintain their tires. Far too often these hazardous driving conditions are overlooked and drivers cause car accidents by losing control of their vehicles.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident because of an out of control vehicle, call Kaine Law for a free legal.

Kaine Law is a personal injury law firm representing injured accident victims in Georgia.  With offices in Atlanta, Conyers, Lawrenceville and Stockbridge, Kaine Law’s personal injury attorneys specialize in representing injured motorcycle accident victims, injured car accident victims, injured dog bite victims and injured pedestrian accident victims.  Kaine Law represents their injured accident victim clients using a contingency fee agreement which provides that there are no legal fees unless we win.

Published February 26, 2019


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