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Car Safety Tool

By Evan L. Kaine

Holiday travel time is almost upon us.  Yes, we know it is not yet Halloween, but if Target can have Christmas decorations, we can give you tips on car safety before you hit the roads for the upcoming holiday season.

Did you know that, depending on your vehicle, if you are involved in a head-on collision and your battery is disconnected you could find yourself unable to escape from your vehicle?  That’s right.  In some cars, if the battery becomes disabled in a head-on collision you may not be able to unlock your door or even honk your horn to alert someone to your emergency.  While this may not be a common occurrence as it only happens when you lose the connection between your battery and your car, the consequences of it happening make it worth sharing.

Imagine being trapped in a car that is on fire, under water, perched on the edge of a cliff or any number of – less drastic, yet equally frightening – circumstances.  What would you do if you could not signal for help or get out of the car?

If you will take this one precaution, you may never have to answer that question.  Purchase two tools, or one combination tool, that will allow you to break the windows in your car and cut your seatbelt, thus allowing you to escape your disabled vehicle.  You can find a list of options by performing a simple Google search.  Suggested search terms include: “Seatbelt Cutter Window Breaker Emergency Escape Tool.”

Who knew Google could save your life?  Kaine Law did.

We cannot always refer you to Google and prevent you from being injured, but we can promise to be here to help you if you are injured.  With our firm, you will receive personalized attention and accessibility through every step of your personal injury claim.

So, put a window hammer and seatbelt cutter on your holiday gift to protect your loved ones; and know that Kaine Law is also here to protect you and your loved ones.

Published October 16, 2013


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