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Contingent Fees – Free Attorney!?!?!

By Evan L. Kaine

Yes, it is true.  When you hire Kaine Law to represent you for injuries you sustained in a motor vehicle accident, we work on your case for free unless and until we recover money for you.  This method of representation is called a “contingency fee” arrangement.  In effect, our getting paid is contingent on you getting paid.  So, if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

A contingency fee contract states that a law firm will take a certain percentage (usually 1/3) of any monies that they recover on your behalf in your claim against the insurance company.   In situations where a lawsuit is filed, the fee percentage will usually increase (to usually between 40% and 50%).  The increase varies from firm to firm, and according to the facts of the particular case.

Think about what I just said…

All of the attorney’s time, which is an attorney’s most valuable commodity, leading up to settlement, is free.  There is no hourly charge for our time.  And, an attorney’s time is really all they have to sell so it is extremely valuable.  At Kaine Law, there is no limit to the amount of time that the attorneys will devote to your case.  We pour our hearts and souls into each of our clients’ cases until a resolution is achieved.

People say nothing in life is free.  As you can see, that’s not entirely true.

The State Bar of Georgia does require all attorneys to include the following statement anytime they discuss Contingency Fee Agreements or No Fee Guarantees:

Contingent attorneys’ fees refers only to those fees charged by attorneys for their legal services. Such fees are not permitted in all types of cases. Court costs and other additional expenses of legal action usually must be paid by the client.

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Published August 18, 2014


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