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Drugged Driving is Drunk Driving

By Evan L. Kaine

Driving is a privilege – not a right.  This privilege is one we utilize daily and gives us a sense of independence. However, driving is a multifaceted skill that can affect us physically, mentally and emotionally. When other factors affect this skill, our safety, and the safety of others, is at risk.

Injured by an Impaired Driver

According to a study that was published in the Washington Post, 3 out of 5 Americans use prescription drugs. Additionally, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) states that the prevalence of prescription drug use among people 20 and older had risen 59% in a little more than a decade.  What’s even more frightening is the number of Americans who use 5 or more prescription drugs (8% – 15%).

So, how does this affect you as a driver?

Believe it or not, the correlation between prescription drug use and car accidents has become more common. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2013-2014 National Roadside survey found that more than 22% of drivers tested positive for illegal, prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

Car Accident with an Intoxicated Driver

Drugged driving is a problem. A 2010 study done by the NHTSA found that 11.4% of fatal car accidents involved a drugged driver (DUI). A nationwide study of fatal crashes also found that 46.5% of drivers who tested positive for drugs had used a prescription drug.

This issue can no longer be ignored. The frequency and dangers of drunk driving are just as important to discuss as drugged driving.  The privilege of driving should never be taken for granted, nor should it ever be done under the influence of a prescription drug that alters the way we drive.

If you have questions regarding whether or not you should be operating a vehicle while taking a prescription drug, contact your physician immediately. Be accountable for your actions and make sure that you and your loved ones are knowledgeable when it comes to driving while taking medication. If you or a loved one has been injured and suspect that the at-fault driver was under the influence of a prescription drug, please contact us for a free personal injury case evaluation.

Kaine Law is a personal injury law firm representing injured accident victims in Georgia. With offices in Atlanta, Conyers, Lawrenceville and Stockbridge, Kaine Law’s personal injury attorneys specialize in representing injured motorcycle accident victims, injured car accident victims, injured dog bite victims and injured pedestrian accident victims.  Kaine Law represents their injured accident victim clients using a contingency fee agreement which provides that there are no legal fees unless we win.


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Published January 22, 2019


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