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Hard Facts About Car Accident Injuries

By Evan L. Kaine

It should be no surprise that personal injury lawsuits make up a majority of civil litigation in the United States.  On a daily basis, we are overwhelmed by some law firm advertising for personal injury cases and using tag lines about injured victims getting paid for their car accident injuries, workplace accidents, medical malpractice claims…the list goes on and on.

Injuries from Car Accidents

Every year the United States sees over 6,000,000 car accidents; an average of 1 car accident every 10 seconds.  From those car accidents, there is an estimated 3,000,000 people who are injured in car accidents – and many of those car accident injuries are permanent. Yet, cars are not the only “victims” of personal injury lawsuits as an estimated 125,000 collisions involve accidents caused by trucks each year. Trucking accidents account for over 60,000 personal injuries and 5,000 fatalities each year. In addition, the motorcycle community is also feeling the repercussions of injury and death as 50,000 motorcyclists are seriously injured in motorcycle accidents and 2,300 riders are killed in accidents each year.

Once again, the list goes on and on.

Medical malpractice also falls into the realm of personal injury as 100,000 deaths occur because of medical errors. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, an estimated 97% of medical malpractice claims were due to injuries and over 400,000 injuries happen in hospitals.

Expert Car Accident Attorneys

With all this being said, the way in which you handle your personal injury claim is critical to its success.  We see accident victims every day who not only deserve justice for their car accident injuries, but also for the financial burden placed on them because of someone else’s negligence. For those victims involved in an auto accident, medical malpractice or any situation that causes personal injuries, it’s important to find the right law firm.

At Kaine Law, we are dedicated to those individuals who have been injured in car accidents.  We take the time to determine and address our clients’ concerns and then work to get the compensation that every accident victim deserves. Personal injury claims can be complex, demanding and tiresome; but we specialize in representing injured accident victims so let our team of experts help you maximize your car accident recovery.

Published May 18, 2018


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