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May Marks Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Month

By Evan L. Kaine

May 1st marks the very first day of Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month. While we are all hoping to get over the April showers so we can hop on our bikes, it’s important that both riders and drivers think about safety before heading out.

Avoid a Motorcycle Accident

This month we will be posting different tips, facts and suggestions to our social media sites. We believe there needs to be more motorcycle safety awareness and we hope to spread the message. Here are five tips we hope will start off this month’s education: 

  1. Gear Up: Every motorcyclist should have proper gear before ever thinking of getting on their bike. In the event of a crash, a helmet and proper apparel could be your life line so – always wear a helmet. We suggest proper pants, jacket, boots and riding gloves; all of these items could be what prevents you from horrific road rash if you were to ever be in an accident. 
  1. Weather Condition: We don’t expect you to be an expert meteorologist – but we suggest you take a peek at your local weather or your final destination as the weather can alter your ride significantly. If there is imminent, dangerous weather, we ask for you to take caution or not make the trip. A light rain can even hinder a rider from getting the proper traction they are used to and will make braking very tricky. Just because the month of April may be over, the month of May in Georgia can see heavy downpours and significant thunderstorms. 
  1. Keep Your Distance: We have heard it time and time again – the car didn’t see the bike. The problem is riders don’t leave enough space around them. When there are quick lane changes, braking and rapid speed increase, riders immediately place themselves at a greater risk. Make sure when you are riding on the highway or just cruising through your neighborhood streets, there is enough space between you and other vehicles.
  1. Intersections and Blind Spots: Intersections are known for crashes because drivers don’t see motorcyclists. Whether it is a blind spot or a turning signal wasn’t used, the motorcyclist is at risk of being hit. We suggest you always try to make yourself known. Whether you are near an intersection or not, try to make other drivers know you are there. Avoid being in their blind spot and create enough space between larger vehicles as they have an even harder time seeing riders.

We are committed to spreading awareness on motorcycle safety because we have represented far too many riders who have been injured while enjoying the ride. Whether you ride or not, it is important to share the road with everyone, slow down and look twice as it could save a life.

For more information on this article, contact Kaine Law in Atlanta, Georgia.

Published May 01, 2017


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