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What are Some Problems Workers Have with Receiving Workers Comp Benefits?

By Evan L. Kaine

When you suffer injury on the job, receiving workers compensation benefits to cover your medical costs and lost wages should be a simple matter. Often, unfortunately, this is not the case. Workers comp attorneys can help you overcome the challenges involved with receiving workers comp benefits while recovering from injury.

According to the Georgia Department of Labor & Industrial Relations, all employers with five or more employees must carry workers compensation. When you submit a workers comp claim, some of the obstacles frequently encountered include the following:

  • Delayed benefits
  • Denied benefits
  • Receiving less benefits than you are entitled to receive
  • Pressure from the workers comp insurance company to settle
  • Pressure from your employer to settle
  • Allegations that your injury was not work-related
  • False claims that your disability is not permanent
  • Attempts to classify you as an independent contractor or contractor employee instead of a company employee

When you hit these obstacles to receiving rightful compensation, it is time to obtain an experienced workers comp lawyer who knows how to handle these problems and can effectively protect your rights. Depending on the details involved with your case, Atlanta workers compensation lawyers may discover that you can also sue third parties (parties who are not the employer) for negligence, which provides a further source of compensation for damages.

Kaine Law works with clients so they receive the compensation entitled by law and helps them get their lives back on track.

Published June 12, 2013


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