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Slip & Falls As We Age

By Evan L. Kaine

As we age, there are more and more risks that hover over us. The visits to the doctor seem more frequent. The simple tasks of daily life seem a bit more strenuous. And the accidents that occur can be life changing.

For the older generation, the risks of slips and falls become more frequent than not. According to the CDC, more than 10,000 slips / falls occur to individuals 65 years and older. This type of personal injury is seen in emergency rooms every 13 seconds and claims a life every 20 minutes. Even more frightening is that 1 out of 3 individuals who fall neglect to tell their physician about the accident.

These types of accidents can happen anywhere; our home, the local grocery store or while we attend church. Therefore, for those individuals who are older and find themselves at risk for slips and falls, it is important to know your rights. NOLO provides two bullet points to think about before any action is made:

1. There must be NEGLIGENCE!
a. the store or business was negligent, and
b. that negligence was a cause of your accident.
Just because you fall doesn’t automatically win you a slip/fall case—you must provide evidence!

2. Who can you sue?
a. If the business is solely owned by a particular owner, than the suit will be against them.
b. However, many stores are leased by a particular property management company. The legal action would also include that management company.

Additionally, the questions a person should ask before contacting a personal injury lawyer should be:
• Was I hurt enough to seek medical treatment?
• Will the injury affect my ability to earn a living, and for how long?
• Will I need help to complete my normal daily tasks outside of work?
• Was I completely responsible for the accident, or was the surface I was walking on slippery or otherwise dangerous?

Before taking any steps in a slip/fall case, these types of questions need to be answered. The more information provided to a personal injury attorney, the better the outcome.

More importantly, it is also important to know what you can do to prevent these types of situations. The CDC, released information on how the older generation can prevent these types of situations with the following points:
1. Speak to your medical professional about your risks—especially as you age.
2. Exercise regularly. This will help your balance and prevent further problems.
3. Have an eye exam. Updating your eye glasses can only help you with balance, walking and judging distance.
4. Before you venture into unknown territory, take time to evaluate any potential risks that could cause you to slip or fall.

Please call Kaine Law if you have been injured in a slip/fall accident. These types of accidents are occurring far too often and we want to represent anyone who may need assistance.


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Published October 02, 2015


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