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Stormy Weather

By Evan L. Kaine

There are few things more peaceful than listening to soft rain and distant rolling thunder play in tandem as you drift off to dreamland.  Sometimes, however, the thunder is not so distant and the rain is not so soft.

Lately, the metro Atlanta area has experienced sporadic thunderstorms that have left severe bodily injuries and property damage in their wake.  Below are a few tips to help you sleep more soundly…

Check your roof:  Look for loose or missing shingles, cracks in chimneys, or rusted flashing;


  • Keep your gutters clean:  It is important to keep your gutters, gullies, and drains clear to carry water away from your home quickly and efficiently;
  • Trim your trees:  Cut back low hanging branches;
  • Have a tree expert give your trees a checkup:  Make an appointment with a professional arborist to inspect all of the trees on your property.  Keep your trees healthy by watering, fertilizing, and protecting the soil from compaction.  Suggest your neighbors do the same;
  • Unplug:  Unplug electrical appliances during a thunderstorm because lightning can severely damage these items;
  • Pipes conduct electricity:  Stay away from faucets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs during a thunderstorm;
  • Cell phone only:  Do not use a corded telephone during a thunderstorm because they, too, can conduct electricity;
  • Rover:  Keep your pets inside, preferably crated, during a thunderstorm to maximize their safety and minimize their anxiety;
  • Night vision:  Make sure you have plenty of flashlights – with fresh batteries – and candles so that you can safely maneuver your surroundings in the event of a power outage; and
  • Radio:  Keep a battery powered radio or NOAA Weather Radio to receive up-to-the-minute reports on weather conditions, alerts, and storm updates.


Hopefully, following the above tips, along with the weather safety tips and information provided by the National Weather Service, will keep you safe and sound during this unpredictable storm season.

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Published September 30, 2014


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