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Summer is the Season to Ride – Stay Safe and Avoid a Motorcycle Accident

By Evan L. Kaine

Motorcyclists love the summer! It’s the season where they can most utilize their two wheels because of the nice weather and clear road ahead. As a part of the 100 deadliest days, we wanted to stress the importance of motorcycle safety—especially with the addition of more riders on the road.

  1. Look over your bike! Your Lady may have been sitting in storage for quite a few months so getting it into the shop for a tune up is essential.
  1. Before even attempting to ride a motorcycle, make sure that you have successfully passed a motorcycle safety class. Even if you have been riding on the back, gravel roads of Georgia growing up, you still need a course in safety! Even seasoned riders should pick up a refresher course to stay up to date on motorcycle laws and strategies for safe riding.
  1. Safety gear is essential! Many riders will strip their safety gear in the summer months because of the high temperatures. The less protective gear you have on your body, the more dangerous the ride becomes. Essential items should include: a helmet, gloves, riding boots and a protective jacket. The brighter and more reflective the gear the better so that other drivers can see you.
  1. Add summer accessories! Summer riding can mean long road trips, so investing in accessories like saddle bags, luggage racks or handle bar bags can help ease the stress of riding long distances.
  1. Always check the weather! Higher temperatures during the day can be draining on a rider, so keep this in mind before hitting the open road.
  1. Know your limits! Safe summer riding should have limits too; including your speed, distance and weather. Always have a back-up plan if dangerous weather conditions appear or road conditions change.
  1. Ride with respect! Motorcycles are driven for the thrill and heart pounding experience. Unfortunately, some riders test their limits which can end up to be fatal. Don’t weave in and out of traffic and always signal to other drivers. Respect the rules of the road, and other drivers, in order to stay safe and tell the story.

These simple tips and reminders can help motorcycle riders remain safe for the summer riding season. As (cage) drivers, be aware of bikes and share the road with them as well!

Published June 24, 2016


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