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Sun Glare

By Evan L. Kaine

A beautiful Georgia spring is upon us and in no time we will be enjoying the sounds of summer. As the temperatures climb, the number of individuals enjoying the outdoors increases. You might have even noticed extra traffic on your street—not of cars, but of bicycles, scooters and wagons. You can’t blame the neighborhood children and even parents for wanting to get in any bit of sun they can before dinner is ready. However, with all the commotion come the dangers of the “high sun” blinding a driver’s vision and not seeing the crowds of people enjoying the outdoors.

According to a study done by Accuweather, there have been countless accidents due to blind spots created by sun glare. Additionally, when driving against the sun, a driver’s peripheral vision can be blocked and create sudden moments of blindness.

Therefore, as the warmer temperatures and brighter sun continue to stick around, it is important to keep in mind what you can do as a driver to avoid any harmful or even fatal accidents. Here are a few tips in helping with sun glare:

  1. Always keep sunglasses within reach. Invest in a pair of polarized lenses so glare can be substantially reduced and provide you comfort while driving.
  2. Choose the right car! Avoid buying a car with a light-colored dashboard. The combination of the slope of the dashboard and a light colored dashboard can be extremely reflective!
  3. Keep all windows clean! That’s easier said than done during Georgia’s pollen season, but the cleaner the window, the better view you have.

Please be mindful of this topic as far too many lives have been affected and even lost because something as mundane as the sun’s glare has caused an auto accident. As drivers and as pedestrians, we all need to take an extra moment to ensure the safety of both parties. Enjoy the outdoors but continue to remain cautious!!

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Posted in Auto Accidents |
Published April 14, 2015


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