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The Pre-Ride Motorcycle Checklist

By Evan L. Kaine

Many of us are feeling the spring itch and there is nothing better than warm beautiful weather. For motorcycle riders in particular, “spring fever” is highly anticipated because they can finally take their bike out to play. However, even for seasoned riders, it’s important to do a pre-ride checklist before cruising down the open roads of Georgia.  Here’s a good resource for you to use: http://www.msf-usa.org/downloads/T-CLOCS_Inspection_Checklist.pdf.

Inspect Your Bike From The Road Up

In addition to keeping your bike upright, your tires are the only thing between the rider and the road; this means that safety starts with the tires. It is important to check your owner’s manual to know the proper tire pressure and note that the recommended PSI may differ if you are planning on having a passenger. It is also important to check the throttle and steering – they should accurately control the movement of the tires when riding.  In particular, the front tire should be checked for any cupping or low pressure points. Lastly, check your tires for any cuts, nails, staples or tears – identifying these issues could save your life.

Moving up from your tires, the handlebars should be inspected to confirm that the throttle is working properly and doesn’t bind-up. Once you feel like you have a “good handle”, always keep the cables lubricated to reduce wear and tear on the bike. Your bike (and back) will thank you as proper lubrication makes for a smoother ride.

The electrical system should come next on your checklist. A quick overview that all brake lights, signals, horn and headlights work is essential to making you visible so that other drivers know that you are on the road.

Once you know that your bike is electrically intact, check the fluids. The proper amounts of clean engine and brake fluids are necessary to keep your motorcycle functioning properly and to avoid hefty maintenance bills.

Stop To Avoid A Motorcycle Accident

And the last box to check-off on your pre-ride checklist is the brakes! Riders should look at all braking controls to confirm that the brake returns to its original position after being used.  Short of slamming into something, brakes are the only way to stop.

Once you have cleared your bike of any necessary tune-ups – grab your gear and enjoy the ride! Make this upcoming spring not only enjoyable, but safe!

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Published April 04, 2017


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