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Tractor Trailer Driver Fatigue

By Evan L. Kaine

The drivers of I-285 endure some of the heaviest traffic congestion in the Atlanta area. The standstills have become unavoidable and the collisions have become more frequent—due in part to a massive amount of tractor trailers that travel this route.

Every year, there are an estimated 200 fatal truck accidents and 5,000 non-fatal truck accidents throughout the state of Georgia. Nationally, there are 500,000 accidents that involve a tractor trailer and many of these accidents see fatalities. While many truck drivers are experienced, many have been unable to avoid an accident due to the pressures of the job. Below you will find some interesting facts regarding tractor trailers:

•    Twenty-two percent of fatal car crashes involving a large truck are caused by speeding.
•    Driver fatigue contributes to 30 to 40 percent of truck accidents.
•    Nineteen percent of truck drivers admit to falling asleep.
•    One in three trucks fails roadside inspections.
•    Sixty-four percent of truckers admitted to altering their driver logs.
•    Other causes of truck accidents: distractions such as eating, using cell phones and communicating with dispatchers and inattention.
•    Equipment failure is one of the leading causes of truck accidents.

Although the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has placed strict rules on tractor trailer drivers, many have continued to ignore the signs of fatigue or other distractions that have led to collisions. With the holiday season upon us, we can be at an even greater risk as these vehicles may want to expedite their freight to get their job done sooner—not necessarily safe.

If you have been involved in an accident with a tractor trailer, it is important to take action immediately! Any losses, damages or personal injury you have sustained due to this type of accident can be handled by our trusted legal team at Kaine Law.  Driver awareness in heavy traffic during this holiday season will help all of us to arrive safely at our destinations.

Published December 09, 2014


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