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Truck Accidents – No. 1 Cause of Death for Truck Drivers

By Evan L. Kaine

The trucking industry is larger than we think. Men and women across the United States are adding more and more mileage to their odometers as they deliver goods and services for our benefit. Their job is to do it securely, effectively and most of all, efficiently. Sadly, the trucking industry isn’t a stranger to the thousands of motor vehicle accidents each year.

Most Deadly Job: Truck Driver

According to the CDC, dating back to 2012, 317,000 motor vehicle crashes involving large trucks occurred in 1 year alone.  In the same year, an estimated $99 billion was paid due to truck and bus crashes in the United States.  Over the course of the following 3 years, the number of trucking accidents and fatalities increased. In 1 year alone, approximately 700 drivers of large trucks, or their passengers were killed and over 26,000 people were injured. Of these injured individuals, only one-third of the truck drivers were wearing a safety belt.

We have all been told, time and time again, about the importance of wearing a safety belt. We are constantly receiving friendly reminders from ad campaigns or even random police stops to encourage us to wear our seat belt. Unfortunately, this message has not been heard by many in the trucking industry.

Truck Accident Prevention is Better Than Seat Belts

Furthermore, the death totals in 2012 could’ve been increasingly less if 40 percent of those individuals had been wearing a safety belt. Logically, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) said, “The smartest strategy for overall safety is to prevent truck crashes from happening in the first place.”  NIOSH goes on to mention how vitally important it is for the trucking industry to demand comprehensive and current safety training for all drivers.

Here in Georgia, like much of the rest of the country, we rely on the trucking industry to transport goods to and from our local merchants. However, we do not want to see accidents involving large trucks and other vehicles increase when doing so – this hurts everyone. Contact us if you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident.

For more information on trucking accidents, contact Kaine Law.

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Published March 14, 2018


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