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If you are the victim of another person’s DUI accident, important decisions must be made immediately following the accident that will affect whether or not you get the restitution you deserve. What you need is an experienced, capable attorney to handle your claim with the driver and their insurance company. In Georgia, the law firm you want on your side is Kaine Law.

We argue the case on your behalf, contacting the insurance company and the at-fault driver. This is where their liability policy comes into play and things often get complicated. You need a sharp legal mind fighting for you.

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Policy limits and other involved parties like witnesses sometimes become involved at this stage. Without knowledge of policies and how insurance companies try to wriggle out of claims, you’d most likely be taken advantage of. We won’t let this happen.

Our team of legal experts has years of experience fighting cases like these and we’re ready to fight for you. We take on the tedious tasks so you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries. That’s why we’re the trusted law firm in Stockbridge handling numerous DUI accident cases.

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Don’t let an inexperienced law form take on your case. You need conscientious attorneys who care about you. Contact us today for more information. We’ll convince you why Kaine Law is the best advocate you could have to fight the big insurance companies and get you the compensation you deserve.


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Everyone at Kaine Law — from our highly qualified lawyers to our dedicated staff — is ready to serve you. We realize that auto accidents can cause serious injuries that can affect every aspect of your life. If you are the victim of a car accident, we want to be your voice.



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