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Injured by a dog

A dog attack can be a painful and terrifying experience. Depending on the size of the animal, its jaw may be capable of tearing through tissues, muscles and breaking bones. Even more concerning is the fact that children and the elderly are often the most commonly injured by these vicious dog attacks.  In fact, studies have shown that children under age 12 are the victims in approximately half of all dog attacks every year.

Here are the facts about dog bite injuries:

  • Dogs bite approximately 4.7 million people every year.
  • Only about 17% of dog bites are reported.
  • Almost 800,000 dog bites require medical attention every year.
  • Dog bites to children account for half of all of the bite related medical care.

Dog owners have a responsibility to keep their animal restrained and on a leash and away from the public. Georgia’s dog bite laws can be complex. If you suffer a dog bite injury, the skilled Atlanta dog attack attorneys at Kaine Law are ready to fight for you.

Proving who is responsible for a dog attack

First, we need to prove liability. We can help you accomplish this in a few ways. We can claim that the dog owner is at fault based on the first bite rule.

To do so, you must prove the following:

  • The animal was vicious.
  • The dog owner was aware that the animal was a danger to the public (e.g., this was not the dog’s first bite of a person).
  • The dog owner carelessly managed the dog.

If you cannot prove liability based upon the first bite rule, an Atlanta dog bite attorney at Kaine Law can help you establish fault on the grounds that the dog owner violated the leash law. To prove that a dog owner violated the leash law, we must show that the dog owner failed to keep their dog on a leash or the dog was not properly muzzled or restrained.

What to do after a dog attack

Suffering a dog attack can cause both physical and emotional trauma. Below is information on what you should do if a dog attacks you and causes injuries:

  • See a doctor: Any time you suffer an injury, your health should always be your first concern. If you suffer an injury, you should immediately seek medical care.
  • Take the names of witnesses: Another important step to take after a dog attack is to gather contact information from witnesses and the dog owner.
  • Take photographs: You should take photographs of the bite, the dog and the area of the attack.
  • Contact a lawyer: Contact an experienced Atlanta dog bite lawyer as soon as possible. Georgia’s dog bite law has many time sensitive issues and is extremely complex.
  • File an incident report: Lastly, you should file a dangerous animal report with the local animal control agency and call the police.

Experienced dog bite lawyers in Atlanta, GA

Dog attacks are very scary and can be extremely painful.  They often cause serious injuries that can affect every aspect of your life.  The experienced Atlanta dog bite attorneys at Kaine Law are ready start preserving the evidence and help you start the healing and recovery process.

Dog attacks often cause shock and confusion in addition to physical injury. A serious dog bite injury can cause thousands of dollars in medical bills. At Kaine Law, we are ready to fight to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. To speak to our a highly qualified and experienced dog bite lawyers, contact us today by phone at 404-214-2001 or via our online form.  Hablamos español.


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