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Earthquakes in Georgia

By Evan L. Kaine

Earthquakes in Georgia?  To many, that sounds like the premise for a really bad movie on the SyFy channel.  However far-fetched it may sound, at 10:23 p.m. on February 14, 2014, an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.1 shook the earth 7 miles west of Edgefield, South Carolina.  Some 150 miles away, residents in the metro Atlanta area began reporting feeling their houses shake and the earth moving beneath their feet.  Fortunately, there were no injuries from the earthquake.

Two days later, on February 16th, a 3.2 magnitude earthquake struck Edgefield, South Carolina for a second time.  According to the United State Geological Survey, the quake on February 16th was considered an aftershock.   Again, several Georgians felt the effects of the South Carolina earthquake.

Earthquakes in the Carolinas and Georgia are not as uncommon as you might think.  In August 1974, a 4.3 magnitude earthquake happened in Georgia.  Similarly, three other similar magnitude earthquakes have occurred in South Carolina over the past 40 years.

Now that you know earthquakes in Georgia are not only possible plots for SyFy movies, are you insured against damage should a more powerful earthquake strike?  In recent years, with strange weather patterns, floods have become more common.  Perhaps we are entering an era where earthquakes will become more prevalent.  As flood insurance has become more common among previously skeptical Georgia residents, we at Kaine Law, encourage those same skeptics to seriously consider earthquake insurance.

Insurance is a safeguard.  It does not mean that you expect something to happen or that it is more likely to happen.  Instead, having the right insurance gives you peace of mind that you are protected IF it – whatever it may be – happens.

Whether you are a homeowner, or a renter, talk to your agent about earthquake insurance.  It’s just a conversation and you may be surprised to find that your rates do not change that much.  On the other hand, if you do not have the conversation, you may find yourself in dire straits should an earthquake such as the 7.3 magnitude quake, which struck Charleston, South Carolina in 1886, strike again.  That quake was the largest ever recorded on the East Coast and was responsible for the deaths of at least 60 people.

Pick up the phone today and call your insurance agent.  Kaine Law is not just in the business of helping you pick up the pieces after tragedy.  We are in the business of giving you guidance on how to avert disaster and preserve all that you hold dear.


Published February 27, 2014


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