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Safe Travels on Labor Day Weekend

By Evan L. Kaine

While school doors have opened, the upcoming Labor Day holiday allows families to take one last mini-vacation before the fall weather hits, extra-curricular activities bombard the calendar and projects at work are nearing their deadlines. The three day weekend is a much needed break for all—especially those who work day in and day out to provide for their household. Therefore, we thought we would share some important information before you head out the door and enjoy a relaxing weekend away.

According to AAA, there were 34.1 million holiday travelers in 2013 and 85% of those travelers used their automobile to reach their destination. These numbers have only increased as years pass and it is expected to rise this 2015 Labor Day.

Since the numbers continue to rise and traffic becomes heavier from Friday to Monday, it is important drivers stick to safety. According to an article published by USA Today, travelers should think about three things:

  1. Getting Your Car in Shape:
    1. Because the majority of travel is done by car, it is crucial that your vehicle is running properly.
    2. Check engine, radiator fluid and tires.
    3. Make sure that your breaks are working properly.
    4. Make sure that a first aid kit is available.

(Average travel is between 500-600 miles one way for travelers on Labor Day)

  1. Staying Safe:
    1. USA Today reports that the two biggest reasons for highway traffic accidents is losing concentration or run-ins with big trucks.
    2. If concentration seems weary, hand over the responsibility of driving to another individual. This is especially important on your way back home from the holiday weekend.
    3. For trucking accidents, it is important to note that trucks have several blind spots. Keep your distance and signal well in advance—whether you are in front of them or wanting to pass.
  1. Avoiding the Madness:
    1. Trying to avoid rush hour on late Friday afternoon or early evening can be extremely tricky and dangerous. Many travelers are now getting a head start on their weekend festivities by leaving Thursday evening or early Friday morning to avoid the traffic craziness.
    2. Plan your routes well. Altering your route to your destination can not only save time, but it can also be safer as it won’t be as congested.

Keep these tips in mind as you and your loved ones travel this upcoming holiday weekend. Enjoy the much needed time away and travel safely to and from your destination. From all of us at Kaine Law, have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


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Published September 03, 2015


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