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Stay Safe and Prevent Accidents on New Year’s Eve

By Evan L. Kaine

If you are scrolling through any online news outlet, odds are you will find information regarding New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. This celebratory evening tends to be associated with accidents, drunk driving and fatalities. Although many safety experts have released encouraging information regarding the decrease in fatalities, it is still important to discuss safety so the downward trend continues.

In the state of Georgia, the number of New Year’s Eve alcohol-related accidents and fatalities has decreased by 5%. On a nationwide scale and locally, massive publicity surrounding drunk driving has finally grabbed people’s attention. Our home state not only broadcasts these publicity campaigns but they also place a hefty fine on those who are charged with DUI. If you are caught driving under the influence you can plan on paying $10,000 for your irresponsible actions.

While the state of Georgia has been going in the right direction, the safety surrounding this day is unpredictable. Even with numbers decreasing, New Year’s Day continues to rank in the top five most dangerous days of the year. Therefore, please take into consideration some tips we have put together so you don’t leave 2016 with any regrets.

  1. If you have NYE plans, set up a designated driver beforehand. Keep in mind that this is one of the busiest nights of the year so Uber and Lyft may be delayed. Be patient and plan ahead!
  2. If you are celebrating in an over-populated area (like downtown Atlanta), don’t ever walk alone. Many people don’t realize the number of thefts and assaults that occur on New Year’s Eve.
  3. If you drive to your party destination, park your vehicle in a well-lit area. Once again, the number of car thefts on NYE has become increasingly problematic.
  4. If you are hosting a NYE party, plan for your guests to have a safe place to stay. Never allow any guest to leave your home if they are intoxicated.
  5. If you are planning to stay-in for NYE and you are not drinking alcohol, give your friends and family the option to call you in case they need a safe ride or help.

New Year’s Eve deserves to be celebrated and we encourage you to do so by being responsible and mindful. From all of us at Kaine Law, we wish you and your loved ones a wonderful and safe new year!

Published December 28, 2016


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