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Vehicle Ratings Protect from Injury in Car Accidents

By Evan L. Kaine

When you are in the market for a new vehicle, what are some words that come to mind?

  • Safety?
  • Warranty?
  • Sustainability?
  • Performance?
  • Technology?

These words/categories are kept in mind when federal safety regulators set standards that evaluate a vehicle. We hear these standards rattled off to us on commercials or from the car salesman at local dealerships. The star rating has been a staple in the car industry and most consumers swear by this standard. The star rating (1 to 5) is based on vehicle performance – with 5 stars being the best. If a vehicle has a low safety rating (1 star or 2 stars), it may be best look elsewhere.

But what if, as consumers, we were privy to data that helped us decipher from one car to the next? Would we choose differently? Would we think twice about a particular vehicle or model?

The data that could help us make these decisions reliably comes from several different agencies. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the only agency that tests rollover resistance, frontal and side crashworthiness. Because so much discussion was had about releasing the data, the NHSTA decided the 5-Star rating needed to change.

How is the Car Accident Safety Rating Changing?

The 5-Star Safety Rating now focuses on the continuous advancement of vehicle safety. The Agency wanted to provide consumers with more comprehensive information about vehicles so that “we” can make better and safer informed decisions. Further testing was done so that the new ratings could better distinguish between the relative safeties of different vehicle models.

So, What’s New About the Car Accident Safety Ratings?

The new system includes side pole testing (different size crash-test dummies), more crash data is being collected (providing an OVERALL vehicle score) and stressing the new crash avoidance technology.

The new standard is here to help consumers. It is a way for consumers to be more informed about their vehicle and how it would hold up in an accident. Therefore, before you go car shopping, it may be smart to first review the new standards, in full, and ask more detailed questions before signing your name on the dotted line.

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Published January 02, 2019


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